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Top Five Licenses We Want to See Get Made Into LEGO Games

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With Traveller's Tales and Warner Bros locking down the rights to create Lego-based video games at least until 2016 and a stable of instant hits released and upcoming titles like Harry Potter on the way, we wanted to look at the licenses we'd most like to see teleported into the popular Lego Universe.

The series already has some great properties tapped like the Batman and Indiana Jones franchises among other big licenses, but we still couldn’t help ourselves. Heck, maybe someone will take notice and the seed of an idea will get planted. A fanboy can dream right? So let’s see what our top five most wanted Lego-based games are. Again, we don’t number our top fives, as that’s up to our readers to decide. These are simply our picks in no particular order.

We believe this would be an instant hit. Whenever we get some down time and discussion of the next LEGO game comes up, someone inevitably mentions how cool the X-Men universe would be translated into a LEGO game. It makes sense too since there are tons of great characters and storylines that are just perfect to be translated into a new game. Much like the Batman line, it wouldn’t be too hard to make this title kid friendly. The only obstacle we see is the licensing. WB loving DC means Marvel (now Disney owned) ain’t gonna happen too soon. But we can hope.

LEGO X-Men Game
Come on. You knew it would be on the list. Ever since the April fools joke a few years back that sent fanboys into a tizzy, this game has been mumbled and grumbled about. Much like the other titles on this list, the best feature about this game would be that there’s a whole storyline and universe in place to create a great side-franchise from. There’s just something about the characters from Halo in LEGO form that just has us begging for this one. The only thing standing in the way here is Microsoft. While it’s obvious that the game would have to be Xbox exclusive, Microsoft is a bit greedy and wouldn’t take second place in the royalty race if a title were released. Again, it could happen someday.
LEGO Halo Game
LEGO Grand Theft Auto
Hell yes! Cure little plastic people running around and beating the living hell out of one another so they can steal LEGO vehicles would be awesome. Imagine the great destructible environments that you could interact with. Cops chasing you with a six star rating? Go back and reassemble the cop you shot and take off. That rating suddenly drops to a three and you can escape. Ok, so I’m not a script writer for games, but there’s no denying this game would be fun.
LEGO Grand Theft Auto Game
LEGO Castlevania
Falling into the same category as our other entries, Castlevania has long history in gaming full of stories to use. Being one of the oldest franchises and beloved by gamers, this one would be huge. The fact that it’s a Konami property does of course make some issues apparent, but much in the same way that a cooperative deal with Rock Band was reached, this one could happen if WB and Konami hammered something out. Konami has been known to partner up in the past with pubs like Take2 for baseball titles. Who wouldn’t want to see the Belmont clan battling Dracula in little LEGO pieces?
LEGO Castlevania Game
LEGO Star Trek
This is a given! Star Wars is there, so why not the other Star franchise? With multiple different storylines and fans that are far more obsessive than any other we know of, this would be the hottest selling LEGO game ever. Trekkers and Trekkies alike would eat this one up. You figure they’d buy two copies apiece right? *Pushes glasses up nose* - I have to keep one sealed!!!! I can joke because I geek out over Trek.
LEGO Star Trek Game
What are your thoughts?:
Have some better or possibly more realistic ideas? Let us know. Who knows, maybe your idea could get seen and become the next big thing.


-1 #1 Star TrekSpock 2010-04-22 06:21
Star Trek would be perfect. There is no better series worthy of a LEGO edition. TNG, DS9, and Voyager cross over.
#2 RE: Top Five Licenses We Want to See Get Made Into LEGO GamesSteve123 2010-04-22 08:56
You do know that Marvel signed a deal with Megabloks for Spiderman rights, meaning it's unlikely TT Games will be able to produce a LEGO Marvel videogame...

[guest can'y post urls]

And before you say it, I'm not saying it will never happen, I'm saying it's unlikely.
#3 RE: Top Five Licenses We Want to See Get Made Into LEGO GamesSteve123 2010-04-22 08:58
Hold up, retract that - you said X-MEN, not Marvel in general. My bad :)
#4 STAR TREK!!!TheGeek 2010-04-22 10:36
Definitely a LEGO Star Trek! LEGO Borg would be AWESOME!

I'd almost like to see a LEGO Mario. Both toys and a video game. I think a LEGO Mystery Block would be one of the most Iconic art pieces of our time.
+1 #5 RE: Top Five Licenses We Want to See Get Made Into LEGO GamesCarnageXB 2010-04-23 20:03
I want lego GTA
#6 Bad ideaBizzee 2010-06-08 09:24
I think it's a bad idea to make a Lego version of something that is an established game title already, like Halo or GTA. They should stick to film and comic book franchises.

X-Men and Star Trek would be great, but I really want Lego Jurassic Park.
#7 ?Lego fan 2010-07-03 10:21
all of those would be cool, i mean i have halo legos (megablocks) so y not make a game?

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