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Top 5 Worst Decisions Made in This Generation of Gaming Hardware

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In the history of video games and the surrounding industry, there have been hundreds of thousands of mistakes made. We’ve covered the biggest mistakes of all time in the past, but what are the worst decisions and choices made by game companies during this generation of gaming hardware in particular. Fans of certain systems may choose to turn a blind eye to issues their console of choice may face, but there’s no denying that the decisions on this list have directly impacted sales and in some cases, the way we view a company in general.

No Dual Shock at Playstation 3 Launch
“Rumble is last-gen.” We all remember reading and/or hearing those words and thinking, “WTF?” At the time we didn’t know everything that was going on behind the scenes which included disagreements between Sony and the rumble manufacturer and patent holder of the Dual Shock 2. Once that was settled however, we all got the word at TGS 07 that the Dual Shock 3 would be appearing and a year later the Sixaxis was dead. Sony recovered quickly, but trying to convince gamers that a feature was obsolete just because they didn’t want to pay for it was a pretty big blunder.

No Dual Shock at Playstation 3 Launch

Nintendo Wii’s Lack of Online Component
Nintendo has led the way in a lot of areas concerning gaming, yet for some reason there are some pretty big areas where the Big N refuses to be current. Much like the way Nintendo refused to let go of the cartridge, the hardware and software giant has been hesitant to really get behind online gaming. The Wii is able to provide multiplayer gaming, but for the most part, players have to deal with the dreaded “Wii Friend Code”. This has been as annoying to the press in terms of digital media delivering as it has been to gamers who just want some quick matches. Nintendo is a big innovator, but sometimes they need to learn to follow the example of others. Online gaming is one of those situations.
Nintendo Wii’s Lack of Online Component

X-Clamps Design on the Xbox 360 (Red Ring Cause)
Microsoft has done a lot of things right in terms of entering the game industry. They released a strong and superior piece of hardware with the original Xbox that they knew would operate at a loss to build a brand name. Then they jumped the gun with the next-generation of consoles in an attempt to capitalize on being early. It worked to a point, but a design flaw came up that could have been easily avoided. A poorly designed X-clamp system which pivots the pressure points in the center just below the GPU and CPU on the 360 warped a majority of consoles boards that were released for the first 3 years of the life-cycle. The issue has been pretty much eliminated, but the jokes, images, and fanboys who bring up the Red Ring of Death won’t go away anytime soon. The decision to use the X-clamps instead of eight screws (4 each) on the heat sinks will be remembered as one of the worst decisions in gaming.
That pesky Red Ring of Death

Sony’s Initial $599 Price Tag for the PS3
Sony fanboys will lash out quickly over this one and complain that the price was fair and a good deal. However the decision to start out at $599 and the subsequent announcement of the price at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2006 drove casual gamers and those on the fence about the Xbox 360 into the arms of Microsoft and Nintendo. Those who live online and on gaming forums want to argue that the price didn’t affect those casual consumers, but they’re so far disconnected from the actual casual consumer because they’re always online that they don’t realize not everyone is a fanboy. Sony is catching up now, but the high price tag (partially due to the Blu ray) temporarily crippled the PS3 sales and kept shelves stocked with the consoles for months while the Wii sold out and the Xbox 360 gained ground in the west.
PS3 sat on shelves for months

Microsoft and Sony Ignoring Casual Gamers
Both companies are in the midst of recovery on this one, but there’s no denying the impact casual consumers and gamers have had on this generation in gaming. Some believe it’s possible that causal gamers have had just as much impact in the past, but the major differences in the competition this generation just made the casual choices much more apparent. The Nintendo Wii was considered by many to be a last hope for Nintendo with home consoles. Despite great successes in the portable market, the N64 and Gamecube had the Big N on a slippery slope in the home market. Out of left field came the Wii with the smallest price tag and motion controls that attracted everyone from toddlers to senior citizen homes. Since 2006, Sony and MS have fought over hardcore gamers while trying to catch up and lure casual gamers away from Nintendo. Ignoring the casual gamer has turned out to be the biggest mistake this generation.
Casual Gamers Ruled This Generations



+2 #1 true exceptHarryHynes 2010-05-27 07:40
Is the X clamp really the reason for the RROD? Outside of that, agree 100%. Xbox 360 would have been worldwide #1 by now if not for the RROD because of Sony's stupid pricing.
-2 #2 RE: Top 5 Worst Decisions Made in This Generation of Gaming Hardwarematt 2010-05-27 08:48
Wii would have won either way most people were sick and board of same game different graphics not much of a change to gameplay ect with numbered sequels getting tired PS3/360 are still fighting over HARDCORE while nintendo give us a more rounded experience Sony/Microsoft are limited i was a dedicated gamer until 2004 then things got very much stale when i saw nintendo had a REVOLUTION comming i jumped all over it why they make the best games in the industry look at GALAXY 1/2 2 of the best rated games ever with Ocrina of time number 1 and myamoto says his best is yet to come wow E32010 will rock
+1 #3 @mattGamus Maximus 2010-05-27 09:56
Are you nuts? You say people chose NIntendo because they were tired of the same franchises churning out sequels? Explain Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Wario, Kirby... PUnch Out .... and so on.

Did you really think that was a good argument? I like all Nintendo's franchises, but only a blind fanboy would argue that everyone else churns out the same stuff when Nintendo has been riding Mario like a 2 dollar hooker for twenty-five years on home consoles.
#4 RE: Top 5 Worst Decisions Made in This Generation of Gaming HardwareD3c1p43r 2010-05-27 13:08
The casual audience has really made a major impact on this generation of gaming. Would we have Natal or Move coming if consumers hadn't embraced the Wii?
#5 RE: Top 5 Worst Decisions Made in This Generation of Gaming Hardwarexino 2010-05-27 17:38
PsP Go not on the list?
#6 RE: Top 5 Worst Decisions Made in This Generation of Gaming HardwareWillie Coleman 2010-05-27 23:44
There a few to add. Like MS not putting the HD-DVD in the 360. If so, Blu-ray might not be as big as it is. ANd we would not be talking about the dvd-9 disc space. Nintendo got lucky with the Wii and we all know that. They took a gamble and it just happen to pay off. I want my games with adult content. And as much success the Wii has I'm not a big fan. I played it a few times but will not buy one. The games are to kiddie for me. Except a few games like Mad World and a few others
#7 RE: Top 5 Worst Decisions Made in This Generation of Gaming HardwareLunias 2011-03-15 20:26
Let's see here... Virtual Boy, GameBoy Micro, PSP Go for starters, then add the lack of GameBoy Cartridge on the DSi, the lack of UMD support for the PSP Go, overpricing the PSP as well as the PS3, and don't even forget the original Wii remote problem (such as BREAKING THE TV!). I agree with just about everything on this list, too.
#8 RE: Top 5 Worst Decisions Made in This Generation of Gaming HardwareCameronL 2011-04-02 22:08
Its not just this generation that casual gamers were ignored, it was EVERY generation since gaming was introduced. Gaming has always been a niche market until this generation. There was never anything before this generation that got non-gamers to take up gaming like the Nintendo Wii has, which is exactly why it has become the fastest selling console in history - because for over 30 years, gaming has been targeting the hardcore at large. There were no consoles other than handhelds that had a big casual games lineup, and there was nothing that got people sucked in who would never even think about gaming ie. senior citizens, and most girls.
#9 RE: Top 5 Worst Decisions Made in This Generation of Gaming HardwareJames 2011-04-04 00:18
While some points are true, but this whole post are biased and discriminatory against people who want to offer a counter argument without being labeled a fanboy.

The first one was also wrong, it wasn't that six-axis is obsolete because Sony won't pay for them. It is that because six-axis is considered obsolete, so Sony don't feel like paying for a feature that games developers won't use.
#10 RE: Top 5 Worst Decisions Made in This Generation of Gaming HardwareDr Grc 2011-04-04 10:43
other worst decisions are:
no HD on Wii no big mistake but people are amazed with the 1080p resolution nowdays, 40 mb limit on Wii Ware games huuuuuuuuge mistake, thanks to that nintendo wii owners are missing good downloadable games available on XBLA and PSN (putting the HD aside of course), PSP Go (no commentaries here), kinect and move... casual gamers are not full time gamers, like the wii they will left these accesories when something new comes out (3DS coff coff)

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