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Gaming's Worst Titles to Cover Up Bad Gameplay with Sex Appeal - Page 2

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Outlaw Volleyball/Golf/Tennis
If you were gaming back between 2000 to 2002, you should remember this series, which was originally an Xbox third-party exclusive, until T2’s budget label picked it up for GameCube and PS2. The sports and gameplay were not exactly horrible, but they were all very budget. As you can tell by the character model and marketing model/display below, the games relied on boobs and butts far more than gameplay. Despite the limited play in the games, they sold well enough. We think we know why.

Outlaw Volleyball/Golf/Tennis

SiN Episodes
SiN Episodes was supposed to be this amazing episodic game that was released over time and followed up on the original SiN game from 1998. Sadly the game did so poorly in the first release, that we never even got to see the second episode. Even with the use of “talented” models replicating the in game females, the developer lost a fortune and ended up getting bought by MumboJumbo. Now instead of making female models with balloons, the developer makes balloon popping casual games.

SiN Episodes was FAIL

Rumble Roses
It’s wrastlin (or wrestling for most of us) with babes in sexy outfits. Landing on both the PS2 and Xbox 360, in slightly different versions, Rumble Roses had no problem making it very clear that the game wanted to be seen as sexy. And truth be told, the actual gameplay wasn’t the worst around. It’s just that the actual wrestling was primitive at best. This combined with the over-use of sexy outfits and cheese appeal made for a pretty disappointing title. Yet again, based on the sales numbers, enough male (and curious females?) coughed up the dough to make it profitable.

Rumble Roses has hot ladies and bad gameplay

Honorable Mention:
Onechanbara - Not even hack-n-slash gameplay mixed with the always winning ingredient of zombies could overcome the stench of cheapness this game (series) had. The solution? Bikinis of course!

Onechanbara is guilty of selling sex




#1 DudeDead2Knight 2010-08-06 16:11
BMX XXX was worse than most of these. It actually showed boobs and the game was horrible. Dave Mirra got his name off the game and we know what happened to the publisher.
#2 RE: Gaming's Worst Titles to Cover Up Bad Gameplay with Sex AppealEvo 2010-08-09 10:46
Hey I liked Onechanbara :3 Ok ok maybe it was because of the bikinis
#3 RE: Gaming's Worst Titles to Cover Up Bad Gameplay with Sex AppealKatinka 2010-12-11 02:40
I loved Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers. The simple but addictive hack 'n' slash with hints of achievement through unlockables and level-ups is great for a casual blitz when you don't want to play something to deep and engrossing. It's one of the few games in a long time in which I have completed everything. Took me about 100 hours.

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