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Civilization Facebook renamed, alpha test starts Jan. 12

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Social network version of Sid Meier's addictive strategy game now called Civilization World; test subjects wanted.

Both Civilization and Facebook are notorious for being habit forming. So virtual addicts everywhere trembled when, in late 2009, Civilization creator Sid Meier announced that his studio was bringing a free-to-play version of the series to the social network. Called Civilization Network, the project was to launch in 2010. However, the year came and went without a launch, raising some questions about the game's status.

Civilization and Facebook together? The world trembles.

Those questions were answered today when, in an open letter posted on Facebook, Meier revealed that the game--now called Civilization World--will begin its alpha test on January 12. Those wishing to participate can go to www.2kgames.com/civworld/alpha to register. However, before they do, they must form a team with their friends to test out the game's multiplayer-centric gameplay. Teams can range from five to 50 people and must have a single team leader. They will receive their acceptance confirmations starting January 10.

Civilization World will see Facebook friends join other friends to form nations in an effort to--what else--rule the in-game world. The games will have a "well-defined beginning and end," according to Meier, and will feature the same eras of time as the full-fledged Civilization games. The game will also feature short-term missions that, when finished, will unlock trophies in the game.

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