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The Moron Test (iPhone) Review

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It's official: I'm an idiot. After playing The Moron Test I came away feeling like the app performed exactly as advertised, and I failed the test miserably. In essence, this is your basic IQ test, but with a sadistic twist in the form of shapes that change color, buttons that move around, and plenty of trick questions. When starting the app, you are presented with a list of tests, with the possibility for more from updates to the game. This is a feature the developer seems to be taking advantage of, seeing as the number of tests available changed from three to four in the process of reviewing the game.

Each of the tests are a lengthy series of (seemingly) simple questions, split up with checkpoints after a certain number of questions have been answered correctly in a row. At the start of each test, you're given three continues that revert you to the most recent checkpoint upon failing a question. After running out of lives, the test has to be taken again from the beginning. I was never able to complete even half of any test on the first try. You see, trick questions and foul play are afoot in The Moron Test, attempting to trip you up with many of its questions. For example, imagine you are presented with a big orange button in the middle of the screen and told to hit it seven times. Naturally, you hammer on the button, keeping a count of it in your head until reaching a total of seven. That is at least until the button suddenly changes its onscreen location after the fourth question and not realizing what happened fast enough, you hit the empty spot where the button used to be. This causes you to fail the test and be sent back to the last checkpoint or to the start of the test if you're out of lives. This sort of thing happens all the time in The Moron Test. The thing you are supposed to hit will change location, color, shape, all of which will lead to failure for those with all but the fastest reflexes.

It's lucky for me and my desire to complete the tests then, that the questions and the order in which they're asked stay the same with repeated attempts at one specific test. I came to a revelation while playing the game that I believe proved my idiocy. I realized the true moron test result is decided based whether or not you can stop playing after a failed attempt or if you keep hammering at it until you win. It was after completing two tests that I realized: repeatedly answering the same questions and avoiding the same trap doors over and over again so that an iPhone app will tell me I'm smart, is in fact proof of my stupidity. A true IQ test cannot be based on trial and error. My hitting the brick wall that is one of these tests with my head until it broke confirmed my stubbornness, not by intelligence. It was because of my insistence that eventually breaking the brick wall with my head would prove I'm smart, that I was in fact, proven to be a moron.

Perhaps it's because of my unabashed stubborn idiocy, but I had a lot of fun with this app. Each test took about fifteen minutes to complete the first time through when you factor in repeated attempts at the same section and restarting tests when I ran out of lives (which happened a lot). Additional re-playability comes from repeating a completed test to beat your best time. The Moron Test is the best mock IQ test that I've come across on the app store. If you're looking for an app to do what it does and don't mind being proven to be a moron, then look no further because no app does it better.








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