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MotorStorm: Arctic Edge (PSP) Review

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If you're like me, you love MotorStorm on the PS3. And rightfully so as it delivers an intense off-road experience where it almost seems like the track comes alive with incredible terrain deformation.

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge GalleryThe series is packed with so much on-the-fly action that you can be sure you'll never experience the same race twice. But do the amazing traits of the series on the PS3 translate to the Arctic Edge cousin?

The franchise's debut on the PSP certainly doesn't skip a step in the intensity department. Built by developer Bigbig Studios, Arctic Edge replicates the same fast-paced gameplay and features the huge tracks that fanboys have experienced on the PS3, except now it's on the go. Arctic Edge forces portable racing titles to the next level with terrific gameplay, more than adequete graphics, and chaos MotorStorm is known for.
Arctic Edge is packed with plenty of content to unlock, modes to practice your racing skills and racing modes for online bragging rights. The single player mode, known as “The Festival,” gives you around 100 events that you can complete to unlock new vehicles with various improved stats for each.

The Festival mode is complimented with “wreckreation” mode. In this mode, gamers have the choice of participating in time attack which gives you the ability to both upload and download other people’s ghosts, engaging in free-play which allows you to select the track, the number of laps, your vehicle class, etc., and of course multiplayer – which allows you to duke it out with local friend via adhoc mode or play someone across the country via infrastructure.

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge really is a top-tier racing game for the fanboy on the go that makes excellent use of the powerful PSP. If you've played the MotorStorm franchise on the PS3, just imagine powering up your PSP and being transported to an Alaskan tundra where you are having to deal with avalanches, icy caverns, and collapsing bridges. This is just a sample of the type of chaos that occur while controlling one vehicle classes incorporated into the arctic landscape.

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge GalleryGraphically, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge looks fantastic for a portable title. Everything from the vehicle models, level design, and the weather effects look outstanding for a PSP game. Most importantly, Arctic Edge remains smooth with a consistent frame rate that rarely takes a hit during the captivating visuals. While it may not be the best looking game on the platform, it certainly does not disappoint. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge excels in capturing the MotorStorm experience while running on a much less powerful piece of hardware. Gamers will still experience the chaotic battles to the finish line and all of the turmoil that occurs during a race.

Gamers who are familiar with the MotorStorm franchise will continue to be treated to MotorStorm’s heavy doses of rag-doll physics with drivers flying off of their vehicles are showcased in the slow motion wreckage. Your opponents are crafty and they are always hungry to knock you off a snow-covered mountain and into a terrifying avalanche. Even though some aspects of the game had to be tuned down due to hardware capabilities, the gameplay and utter chaos you have experienced from the MotorStorm franchise remains unchanged.

Bigbig Studios have really accomplished something that many other developers fail to do. The talented developer has succeeded in being able to take a big franchise and bring it, quality play and all, to a portable device. With amazing gameplay, entrancing visuals, and MotorStorm branded madness; Arctic Edge is a MUST for any true racing fan out there with a Playstation Portable.








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