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Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii) Review

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Kirby has truly made a name for himself in the years with Nintendo. The pink ball has been on his own adventures and has also been a contender for a brawl with other classic Nintendo characters. Kirby’s Epic Yarn takes him to a whole-nother world made up of…yarn?

The game starts out with Kirby sucking up a tomato, but this wasn’t just any tomato. It was made of yarn that was crafted by Yin-Yarn. From there Kirby enters Patch Land which is made entirely of yarn and fabric, even Kirby himself is now made of yarn. You meet Prince Fluff, a blue version of Kirby who is on the search for magical yarn to reconnect the worlds so the two of you go off on adventure to search for this yarn.

You control Kirby by using the Wiimote sideways with only a few moments where you will be holding it remote style. With the world and Kirby being yarn now, his usual abilities are no longer available. He can no longer suck up enemies but instead he has a Yarn Whip to grab enemies, peel patches, etc. To keep the game entertaining you will find in some areas that Kirby will transform into a Saucer to suck up anything on path, a Fire Truck to help put out fires, a Train to lay tracks down to move forward and many more. I found the Train to be a little difficult as I was having trouble getting Kirby onto the right track. The worlds you visit are all colorful and made of fabrics, patches, some zips you can unzip to find surprises and many more. From being in a desert to a winter wonderland all are enjoyable and fun to go through.

Like in most video games you may die and there’s the game over screen. Well in this game you can’t die. You collect beads in the worlds and the more you rack up, the chance of you having a gold status at the end. You may lose beads by hitting enemies by mistake or falling into a hole with a little angel carrying you out. Even still without any beads you can’t die. So the game is more about collecting beads and finding furniture than dying. The furniture that you find may be placed in your apartment that you acquire from Dom Woole. In the other rooms new friends move in when you complete any of Dom Woole’s tasks. The new friends have challenging mini-games that you may play like Hide and Seek or Bead Collecting. You gain fabric that may be used as wallpaper/flooring for your apartment upon winning these challenges. You’re not required to play these games unless you want to aim for 100 percent in the game but they are fun.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn may look really cute, or not be very challenging for us experience gamers; yet you can’t help but be drawn into this yarn world and enjoy yourself. You may play with another player if you may like. The second player takes control of Prince Fluff and he may help you getting beads, helping you up areas and he adds to your transformations. As much as it is fun playing with two people, this game just seems like its better as a single player adventure. With that said, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a great game for the Wii that anyone can enjoy.









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