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Greed Corp (Xbox 360) Review

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Theoretically, Greed Corp is perfect. Realistically, Greed Corp is 25% fun, 25% luck, and 50% frustration. This is an average game that just needed a little bit more polishing to be an amazing title. Thinkers and problem solvers will have fun with Greed Corp, though wits may not always help in an often unpredictable game.

The best and most redeeming feature of Greed Corp, is surprisingly the setting. The game informs us that four major corporations are battling over the few remaining resources in the world. Resources are shown as hexagonal plots of land skyrocketing into the sky, and past the clouds. Captured resources are quickly turned around into profit, thus destroying the land entirely. Gameplay wise this is brilliant. In order to win, you need land. But in order to build units and buildings, you need money. To get money, you have to destroy your land. So in order to advance, you must gradually kill yourself. One thing that really struck me emotionally was the feeling of victory. Typically speaking, winning is glorious and jolly. Yet in Greed Corp, the common image of victory is that of a single soldier standing upon a lone pillar. As if stating "what did you gain, if anything?"

Greed Corp Review for Xbox 360

Gameplay is very fun, when working correctly. Starting off is rather bumpy, as the in-game tutorial is utter trash. Rather than explain the game to you, it merely tells you where to point and click to finish the tutorial. While side-notes of information were present, reading an explanation doesn't quite do the job in a strategy title. Going into detail; each map starts off with a large amount of hexagons, and equal starting grounds for each team. The only movable units in the game are "Walkers." These walkers can move a small distance, and wherever they land becomes property of the respective player. If a piece of land is already occupied by an enemy, then you need to "attack" your opposition. Rather than using flashy battle scenes, or over complicated maneuvers; Greed Corp uses simplicity. Damage and health are all based on how many Walkers you have! If 10 walkers occupy a space, then that walker can destroy anyone of 9 or less health. But in doing so, will weaken based on the difference. As an example, if a walker of 10 attacks a walker of 4; our walker is now at 6 strength.

Other elements of battle exist as well. Strong cannons can be built, as well as bases for building new walkers, mining cranes, and a one-use transportation plane. While only a small handful of components are present, the game can quickly become stressful. Piling multiple elements with a constantly deteriorating battlefield results in a constant feeling of fear and weakness. During online multiplayer this is fantastic, and tasks up to four people with thinking quickly and carefully. During the long single player however, winning is ridiculously rare. The enemy AI seems to always know exactly which moves to pull off and when. While I'm struggling to maintain a base and walkers, my enemies somehow manage to constantly pull themselves out of near-death situations. Difficult encounters are to be expected in a strategy title, but never in the first few levels! How is a gamer to improve when the beginning of a game is overly difficult despite following advice from the game itself?

Greed Corp Review for Xbox 360

The graphical style was another high note that accented the gameplay and theme extremely well. Each faction has their own individual look, in terms of buildings, units, and land controlled. When all four armies are having at it, seeing the multiple structures and colors throughout a level is very visually pleasing. Somewhat of a dark-comical or even steam punk theme; it’s certainly original and inspired. Destruction of land is entertaining, and a memorable experience at that. This is a good looking game no doubt.

Audio was a definite oddball. Sound effects are wonderful, with each faction having their own movement sounds and such. But music utilized an all piano themed soundtrack. While not terrible, it just seemed out of place if anything. Not to mention a glaring similarity to Battlefield: Bad Company's type of music. In fact, even the logo seems to be "inspired" by the Bad Company series.

As I said, this game theoretically rocks. Artistically wonderful, clever, original and fun. But due to poor AI, and some poorly explained mechanics; Greed Corp is just a "good" game. Worth the $10 (800MPS) for strategy fans and that is about it. Achievement hunters are warned, this is a brutal completion that not many will muster. Hopefully there will maintain a semi decent size of online players, as a dead community would make this game worthless.








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