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Phat Fly! (Xbox 360) Review

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Phat Fly is another recent release onto Xbox Live's Indie game marketplace. The game only costs 80MSP ($1), and developer BerzerkerJr really wants you to know it was programmed by a 13 year old. While I was very impressed with such a knack for game design at an early age, it doesn't make the game perfect. It is certainly an oddly addicting title, but contains many flaws and a lack of content.

The game is a dual-analog shooter with the goal being to collect as many floating orbs as possible; simultaneously avoiding various enemies. Collecting orbs grants money, which are then used to purchase speed upgrades, better weapons, and clothing/accessories. That's really it, you start a game, collect money, die, purchase upgrades, and try again. Buying items is addicting, as countless browser-based games have shown. But in terms of gameplay, there really isn't much to find. Only one level exists and a handful of enemies. I had enough money to buy everything in under an hour.

Phat Fly! Review

Awkward graphics and animations accent Phat Fly as well. The character sprites are at least colorful and goofy, but the single stage background looks to have been thrown together in 5 minutes. In fact the entire game seems to have been drawn in Microsoft Paint; although that is impossible, considering the many basic gradients which were used. Other annoyances exist, such as a shaking camera screen which really hurts the eyes. Not to mention the extremely obvious spawn locations of enemies.

Music and audio are that of a budget title. Simple music, plain effects, basically what you'd expect from a $1 title. It can't be considered a huge negative factor, but many other cheap titles have mustered up brilliant soundtracks.

To be fair, I did at least slightly enjoy my playthrough of Phat Fly. It's just that there isn't enough content. An hour of gameplay for a dollar isn't worth it, especially when you look at the more award winning $1 games available on the same service. Phat Fly really isn't an awful game, but I don't see why this would be chosen over the plethora of better games out there. Developer BerzerkerJr has plenty of promise, they just need to offer more.





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