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Costume Quest (Xbox 360) Review

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Costume Quest is a simple RPG in the vain of Paper Mario and the first digital release from the guys at Double Fine. The game is set in a suburban neighborhood on Halloween where a brother and sister are going trick or treating. Things go badly when the first house they knock on is answered by a candy hunting ogre who kidnaps your sibling.

The rest of the game is a charming hunt to find your sibling with your newly met friends. Most of the game is spent hunting for candy in random junk on the map, like mailboxes. Its the games currency that is plentiful and used sparingly. They're also cards to collect mostly for completionists.

The costumes are the game's main attraction and they do look great in battle. Every battle feels like a child's imagination come to life but the battles get dull fast. With constant battles and not much to break them up the game can become really tiresome. Every attack has a boost to its power with a quick time event; as well attacks can be dodged in the same fashion. The quick time events are never a problem but the battles never have much difference to them.

Costume Quest Review

Each costume has their own strengths in battle but picking out which are better gets rough. It's obvious the Statue of Liberty is a healer character but the point of the Knight is hard to figure out. The Knight's shield blocks some damage but not all making it a real waste of a turn when every battle that is not a boss fight can be finished quickly.

A factor that really kills this game is the lack of voice acting. The text doesn't get much characterization across with the children and they all seem to come off like low grade Calvin & Hobbes characters. That problem also factors in with the writing that tapers off after the first neighborhood in the game. While the player character is not defined so well, Everett who you save early on is a RPG addict. That is showcased in his character early prominently and then not so much as the game progresses.

Costume Quest is not a bad title but it's extremely hard to bite the price of $15 for only five hours of gaming. It has the look and the charm but the gameplay is not backed up so well. The humor is there in portions then hides away for periods of time too long to not lose interest. When coupled with the dull battle system makes it hard to bite at its pricetag.








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